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  kudlav 391e9a1eab Remove video with new file column `type` 6 months ago
  kudlav 696b8050b5 Limit form tex tinput length due to databse limits 6 months ago
  kudlav fb820072f6 Assign file to video with type (temp workaround) 6 months ago
  kudlav d8706e84ca New admin page - Users 6 months ago
  kudlav 883a894051 Fix time format when adding new video relation 6 months ago
  kudlav e7ef116896 Add under construction text, feedback footnote 6 months ago
  kudlav 58dfc6b3a4 Set Visibility field required in video edit form 6 months ago
  kudlav 5ee7b663ea Split record begin/end DATETIME into DATE and TIME 6 months ago
  kudlav c1d3e668d4 Admin: related video thumbail, search video by id 6 months ago
  kudlav 84bfb118ec New Add Related videos tab 6 months ago
  kudlav 10149322b0 Czech language and Selectize style improvements 6 months ago
  kudlav 9a604094c9 Add VideoPresenter return types, remove double ';' 6 months ago
  kudlav 412b95e77f Update database.sql file 6 months ago
  kudlav 851f9e947a Fix broken TinyMCE by adding modern theme JS 6 months ago
  kudlav dcec420bc1 Update front dependecies 6 months ago
  kudlav 737541e640 Move basic video edit Latte template to edit-basic 6 months ago
  kudlav e187e767a6 Remove record end date, use input-group 6 months ago
  kudlav 223f94e673 Fix not showing videos on lowest level. 7 months ago
  kudlav c9e7575f11 Get proper role_id when adding person to video 7 months ago
  kudlav 1fdb923c35 Add or remove people from video 7 months ago
  kudlav d627277b86 Check invalid VideosPresenter action in startup 7 months ago
  kudlav 5aabea6deb Fix user login log 7 months ago
  kudlav 55daf70cdb Log last login 7 months ago
  kudlav 24b72c340b Fix code wrap inside text box, Bootstrap 4.2.1 7 months ago
  kudlav bb7af9ddc1 Remove mockup 7 months ago
  kudlav b3e522b3fc Deny access to some files using permissions 7 months ago
  kudlav ef9b62dbe4 Discover user details using LDAP 7 months ago
  kudlav 46ee8fb418 Load JavaScript files asynchronously 7 months ago
  kudlav a0a95e2d05 Remove periodic Cosign check 7 months ago
  kudlav 6897925b62 Bugfix: casId is now string 7 months ago